Lady Ayetta Newton,

leading lady

An awesome woman of God that leads the amazing ladies of Life Changers! She is a woman full of love and concern for not only the woman of God but for all of Gods people. She is very passionate about her family and it is exhibited in her care for our Apostle and their children! She is a woman of both Grace and Style!

Fredrick L. Gammage

Associate Pastor & senior advisor

Pastor Fredrick L. Gammage is the longest serving member of our Pastoral Staff! He serves as the personal advisor to our Apostle! After a successful career in Banking Management, Pastor Fred began a successful venture into the Insurance industry! Along with his various Car Sales & Real Estate Investment Firms he brings such a wealth of Financial Experience to the ministry! He leads our financial empowerment institute! He also serves as the Vice-Chair of our Trustee Board!

Michael Wright

Campus Pastor

Pastor Wright serves as the Campus Lead for Life Changers! He has served in Pastoral leadership for over 25 years! He brings an amazing gift of teaching and leadership to the ministry! He has been blessed with a unique way of sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with people from all walks of life. He operates with an awesome gift of leadership! He and our Apostle host a weekly show where they tackle a wide variety of topics and issues that affect not on the world but the body of Christ in general!

Lilieth Sinclair

Associate Pastor

An amazing woman of God that brings years of leadership to our team! She has worked in banking for over two decades and has served various leadership roles. A woman with a passion for the women of God and for those often overlooked! Pastor Lillie serves as the Chairwoman of our Trustee Board!

Sandy Downing

Senior Church Administrator

A woman of God with a true gift of administration! She brings a spirit of excellence to the ministry! She has been in administration for nearly 25 years in her secular career! She is an asset to the ministry that God has anointed! She believes in truly abiding in and perfecting her calling to the office of administration!